Casino Etiquette : Things You Don’t Have to Worry About Online

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Casino Etiquette : Things You Don’t Have to Worry About Online

Etiquette is an important aspect of life. Some might say it’s what separates humans from animals; some might say it’s what gives us structure as a society. Without etiquette, social interaction on any level can become incredibly challenging.

Gamblers tend to be very superstitious and it can be challenging to respect everyone’s quirky traditions. The good news is by playing at an casino online  , you don’t have to worry about etiquette as much as you would at a land-based casino.

Here are three major etiquette policies that you get to avoid by playing online.

Counting your chips

Counting your chips

You’re not supposed to count your chickens before they hatch and at land-based casino , counting your chips too soon and too often is frowned upon. The good news is that at home, you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you.

Online casino actually do one better and count up your stacks for you, then clearly mark your balance on the screen. That saves you the hassle and you’ll always know where you’re at.

While it might not be a big deal for casino veterans, newbies will appreciate having a clear idea of how much their playing with each and every hand.

Taking breaks

Taking breaks

In a land-based casino , taking breaks is often frowned upon. It’s viewed as potentially disrupting the natural flow of things.

For example, if you’re at the blackjack table and everyone is winning, you might catch a crooked look from someone if you feel like taking a 10-minute breather or are constantly skipping hands to stretch, yawn and lean around in your chair.

In the online world, this isn’t a concern. You can login and logout as you please, and you can sit or move around whenever you so desire.

Understanding the rules

Understanding the rules

In a land-based casino, new players are sometimes given a hard time. The regulars at the table are trying to make some money and then some new guy comes in, slows down the pace and starts asking a ton of questions.

Online, this isn’t as big of a concern. For starters, most games have time limits that keep the decisions moving. The bigger positive for new players who play online might be that they can keep all the rules and strategy handy with them.

Since you’re playing the games on the internet, it’s easy to have a little cheat sheet handy. If you need to have Casinotouring Casino School open to double-check the rules or a strategy article, that’s fully acceptable.

In the real world, you’d garner plenty of laughs if you sat down at the table and flipped through a how-to book before making every decision.