Jumbo Technology’s Long Dragon Baccarat 2.0 live in Macau

Taiwan based Jumbo Technology Co Ltd is introducing its second generation, single terminal electronic gaming product Long Dragon Baccarat to the Macau casino market after gaining regulatory approval there.

We’ve received news that the product meets all the requirements for DICJ, Paul Wu (pictured), Jumbo Technology’s director, business development, told GGRAsia, referring to the local casino regulator, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau.

Long Dragon Baccarat enables casino operators to link multiple baccarat games – up to eight games – to a single terminal.

The company says that appeals to Chinese and other Asian players that often look for patterns of results in baccarat in terms of a run of ‘banker’ winning hands or a run of ‘player’ winning hands.

When Asian players play baccarat, they often chase patterns in terms of results. So when you have the play from eight tables fed to one terminal, the average time for a pattern to appear is every two minutes. That’s why we play tables together,explained Mr Wu.

He added: We already have the first generation of the product in venues in Macau and it has been very successful. Now we have placed the second generation product in the Macau market. One of the operators has 150 terminals from us on a white label basis.

The Long Dragon Baccarat product – on Jumbo Technology’s Alphabet platform – is available in traditional commission baccarat format and Super Six, a no-commission version of the game. It additionally has a side game called Dragon Bonus, also related to result patterns.

Industry commentators sometimes refer to baccarat as the casino equivalent of a coin-toss because of its close to 50-50 odds of either a ‘banker’ or a ‘player’ result.

Mr Wu says Jumbo Technology’s product attempts to add something new while staying true to the roots of a game favoured by many Asian players.

We’re trying to work with the baccarat idea so that we don’t just offer a near 50-50 game. We’re looking to put more fun into it. Other than that, we have a mystery jackpot with two layers. Wherever you bet – on ‘banker’, ‘player’, ‘tie’ or ‘pairs’; or even on the Dragon Bonus – you have a chance to win a mystery jackpot. We are trying to get lots of good features into what are essentially simple baccarat games,” he explained.