Poipet Casino Resort

Poipet Casino Resort

Poipet Casino Resort

Casino Poipet, Cambodia
Tel. +66 81 911 5002, +66 83 090 4730
Poipet Casino Resort Hotel and Casinos of the Grand Diamond City group the serving on various aspects similar to Poipet Resort in the past. It used a pseudonym or nickname Gclub. And name casinos online of Poipet Resort is Royal Gclub.

Poipet Casino Resort Hotel

Hotel : Information

Rooms in the hotel Poipet Resort offers a choice of a room for 4-5 styles, has been updated to modern hotel. Poipet Resort Hotel offers a vision Poipet serene atmosphere ideal for a stopover in the family's first trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Room Type
Sun - Thu
อาทิตย์ - พฤหัสบดี
Fri - Sat
ศุกร์ - เสาร์
Superior ฿1,000 Refund Chip 400 ฿1,000 Refund Chip 400
Deluxe ฿2,000 Refund Chip 500 ฿2,000 Refund Chip 500
Junior Suite ฿2,000 Refund Chip 500 ฿2,000 Refund Chip 500
Executive Suite ฿10,000 ฿10,000
Superior (Free) Rolling Chip ฿25,000 Rolling Chip ฿25,000
Deluxe (Free) Rolling Chip ฿30,000 Rolling Chip ฿30,000
Junior Suite (Free) Rolling Chip ฿35,000 Rolling Chip ฿35,000
Executive Suite (Free) Rolling Chip ฿100,000 Rolling Chip ฿100,000
Poipet Resort Casino

Poipet Resort offers many casinos same other casinos in Poipet, Baccarat, Roulette, Hilo, Fantan. Poipet Casino Resort is popular with tourists who create popular entertainment in casino games constantly.

Poipet Casino Resort Restaurants

Poipet Resort restaurant can use the services of the Grand Diamond City by using coupons or any promotions are immediately. Poipet Resort Casino with international cuisine from around the globe including Chinese food that everyone must try and like.

Poipet Casino Resort Duty Free

Duty Free:
The duty free shops have good quality products at cheap from overseas such as bags, shoes, clothes, watches and many other brand name product. Poipet Casino Resort Duty Free, Duty Free Shop of Poipet Resort Open 24 hours.

Poipet Casino Resort

Services & Facilities

  • Casino
  • Coffee Shop
  • Group Check in
  • 24 hr. Room Service
  • 24 hr. CCTV
  • Fire Alarm Central Station
  • Business Center Service
  • Money ExChange
  • Transportation
  • WiFi (not free)
  • Drug Store
  • Laundry
  • Thai Message
  • Car Park
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Customer Service
  • GCLUB Online Casino